Eminent Domain & Inverse Condemnation

Our eminent domain practice overlaps with our property rights and government work; however, because Brad Pierce has spent over 20 years at times with eminent domain comprising 90% or more of his practice, it is its own practice group.

For over 20 years Mr. Pierce has represented private property, business owners and government agencies in eminent domain and inverse condemnation actions.  He has handled just about every type of property, every type of business and every type of project.  This experience has included nearly every issue presented by acquisition of private property for public projects: right to take challenges, valuation issues, part-takings; if it comes up in an eminent domain case, Mr. Pierce has probably handled it.

Every property is unique and every business (even a franchise) is unique.  That means the best way to handle every case is unique.  That does not mean you need to create an entirely new strategy.  Having experience with prior cases with similar issues gives the Pierce Law Firm a head start.  We have handled vacant land; commercial buildings; multifamily properties; properties that are valued at a higher and better use than they were put to at the time of the taking; and properties that were subject to a partial taking, but suffering substantial severance damages.  We have similar experience with diverse businesses; handling quick serve restaurants; gas stations; professional offices; retail; manufacturing and others.

Inverse condemnation actions also create unique issues.  Whether the property is impacted by a landslide; flooding; dust, noise and debris; electromagnetic fields; or other adverse impacts related to a public project, Mr. Pierce has probably handled it.

Every property and every business presents a unique set of facts.  Selecting and working with the right experts for each issue presented has helped us successfully prosecute numerous condemnation actions for public agencies and on the other side maximize just compensation for private business and property owners.  Mr. Pierce’s experience working for both government entities and property owners gives him unique insight into the best way to handle each case.


Whether owners have disputes with government entities or neighboring owners, we are prepared to meet their needs.


Mediation, arbitration and negotiation are almost always the most cost effective and expedient method to resolve disputes.


The Pierce Law Firm handles cases for individuals, elected officials and public entities.