Business Litigation

paper-workResolving business and commercial disputes can be a lengthy process with critical court deadlines and requirements.  It demands organization, planning and focus on the issues presented by the dispute and the key points needed for a client to win.  While each case is different demanding its own strategy, often the best strategy is alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  Mediation, arbitration and negotiation are almost always the most cost effective and expedient method to resolve disputes.  If one of these ADR methods does not bring the desired results, then being prepared for trial is the best way to win.

At the Pierce Law Firm we have successfully resolved cases for our clients through ADR, court and jury trials.  We represent plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of litigation matters.  We have developed a cost effective method for achieving client goals.  Contracts and business relationships are keys to commerce.  Sometimes those agreements and relationships result in disputes.  We work with our clients to achieve their goals and keep business disputes and related litigation from overwhelming company performance and reputations.

Whether it involves a written contract, an oral agreement or an ongoing business relationship, whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, you need a plan.  Whether you work with us or another firm, your best chance of a favorable result is a good strategy, good communication and a good lawyer.  At the Pierce Law Firm, we are experienced, organized and well prepared.


Whether owners have disputes with government entities or neighboring owners, we are prepared to meet their needs.


Our eminent domain practice overlaps with our property rights and government work; however, because eminent domain comprises 90% of our practice.


The Pierce Law Firm handles cases for individuals, elected officials and public entities.